929 RR Headlight covers/Dividers


closefront.jpg (113123 bytes)
Before the cover
DCP_0005.JPG (74818 bytes)
After the cover
Lightsfront.JPG (81083 bytes)
Lights on!
DCP_0011.JPG (74828 bytes)
White '00 929
DCP_0012.JPG (73824 bytes)
White 929 Corner

Yellow with Matte Black Number Plate Extension

Red with no number plate

Red with lights on

Erion edition with white
  • This decal applies in minutes.  Detailed installation instructions included.
  • Fits all 2000-2001 models.  Custom color done on request....must be a color we stock.
  • White and colored covers come with a special light stopping vinyl that keeps the headlights looking separate even with the lights on.  Black does not require this.

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DCP_0005.JPG (74818 bytes) 929 "Cat Eyes" Headlight Divider
See color chart before ordering.
Available in Black, White, Canary Yellow (2000), Red, and Primrose Yellow (2001).
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929 Number Plate Extension Only
Available in Matte Black and (2001) Primrose Yellow.  Matte Black pictured on left.
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929 "Cat Eyes" Headlight Divider and Number Plate Extension Combo.  See color chart before ordering.
Available in Black, White, Canary Yellow (2000)**, Red, and Primrose Yellow (2001)**.
**Yellow and Black 2000 owners should order a yellow divider with a black number plate ext.

**Yellow and Black 2001 owners should order a black divider and a yellow number plate ext.

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??? Frequently Asked Questions ???

Does light shine through the headlight cover?

  • NO.  Light does not shine through the cover.  By using a special light blocking vinyl it will give you the "Cat Eye" look even with the lights on.

Will the cover affect my light pattern at night?

  • The cover does NOT visually alter the light pattern of  your low or high beam.  But since it does cover a DOT approved headlight I must sell them as Off-Road use only.

Can I get them in different colors other than yellow?

  • Of coarse!  They will be available in Black, Red, Yellow and White (standard U.S. colors).  Custom colors are  available.  Contact for details.

How soon will the product be shipped?

  • Most products are shipped within 24 hours of receiving the order.  Delivery time is usually 3-5 days via USPS.