Colored Eyelids...shown in white.

Black Eyelids.
This is what the lights should have looked like from the factory.

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Your choice of colors.  See color chart before ordering.

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Black Eyelids for 99+ Mustang
*Looks best on all colors.

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Colored Eyelids for 99+ Mustang.  "Light Stop" is recommended; see below.
*note - Colors listed are not exact matches for the Mustang  See chart below.
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"Light Stop" for colored Eyelids.  This keeps your eyelids from lighting up at night when the lights are turned on.  Also makes the colors brighter.  Applies before the colored eyelid is applied. Buy Now

Please note that the colors listed are not perfect Ford color matches!

Our colors  Closest match to Ford color
Black and White Near perfect match
Canary Yellow Chrome Yellow
Primrose Yellow Zinc Yellow
Royal Blue Sonic Blue
Red, Silver and Green Red, Silver and Green

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